Monday, April 24, 2017

Notes From the Field with Len Warren

Earth Day at Discovery Park
Pahrump, NV April 22 

As we strive to find ways to engage people and nature, there are constant reminders that we are nature. Earth Day reminds us that magic moments with nature can occur in surprising ways. On Saturday April 22, The Nature Conservancy participated in the Earth Day celebration at Discovery Park.

Discovery Park, formerly Willow Creek golf course, is being transformed into public park for walking, relaxing, and excellent birdwatching. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and butterfly gardens will continue to be planted for people, birds, and wildlife to share.

The Nature Conservancy’s table was a big hit with families who came out to enjoy a perfect warm spring day together.  TNC’s “make a nature T-shirt” table was busy all day long. Everyone enjoyed drawing and coloring a nature T-shirt to take home.

An American Avocet T-Shirt 


Burrowing Owls and Barn Owls

Kids of all ages didn’t need much encouragement to join in, and the enthusiasm was contagious.

Contemplating a White-crowned Sparrow
Complex Plumage

An abstract artist

What better way to reach across the table than to spend a day like this together politely introducing people and nature to one another.   At Earth day at Discovery Park in Pahrump Nevada, people and nature were not such strangers after all.

An unfortunate Barn Owl, a victim of a recent traffic fatality, and a special volunteer teaching permit, provided an amazing opportunity for kids to engage with each other. After realizing that they all know a lot more about Owls than they thought, kids learned much more about the intricacies of being an Owl. Throughout the day, kids who had already learned about Owls, taught other kids hands on.
Barn Owl T-Shirt

One T-shirt at a time, one family at a time, we try to make a difference.

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